Everything that is talked about in the sessions remains confidential between us with the following exceptions – if I am required to pass on information by law; if I believe that you or another person is at serious risk of harm; if you ask me to pass on your information e.g. to a GP or within the confidentiality of my professional supervision sessions.

I keep brief notes following each session and these are kept separately from your personal details in password-protected files on my computer for the administration of my client work. I am registered with the Information Commissioners’ Office and no personal details will ever be passed to another agency unless if required by law. Once we have finished working together your data will be stored securely in line with my insurance and ethical practice requirements before being deleted.

You have the right to request a copy of the information held by me whilst we are working together and you can also contact the Information Commission Officer on www.ico.org.uk should you require any further advice or guidance on the use of your personal data.